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Fall Schedule 2019

* Asterisked events are hosted by HVO

Corn Maze Orienteering, Sunderland MA

Sept. 1, Sunday (WCOC)

US Champs, Boulder Creek & Aptos CA

Sept. 6-8 (BAOC)

Gay City, Hebron CT

Sept. 29, Sunday (WCOC)

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Alasa Farms, Sodus NY - National Ranking Event

Oct. 5, Saturday (ROC)

* Hudson Highlander, Woodbury NY

Oct. 6, Sunday (HVO)

* Westmoreland 3 for 1, Katonah NY

Oct. 12, Saturday (HVO)

* Mid-Allendale Scout Orienteering Course, Allendale NJ

Oct. 13, Sunday (HVO)

"Older Dash" US Masters Champs, Gilford NH

Oct. 19-20 (UNO)

Huntingdon State Park, Redding CT

Oct. 26, Saturday (WCOC)

Tyler State Park, Newtown PA

Oct. 27, Sunday (HVO/DVOA Dual Meet)

* Silas Map Adventure, Kinnelon NJ

Nov. 3, Sunday (HVO)

Orienteering Weekend Day 1, Ansonia CT - National Ranking Event

Nov. 9, Saturday (WCOC)

* Orienteering Weekend Day 2, North Salem NY

Nov. 10, Sunday (HVO)

Sessions Woods, Burlington CT

Nov. 17, Sunday (WCOC)

* JROTC Annual Event, Pound Ridge NY

Nov. 23, Saturday (HVO)

Ratlum Mountain International Night-O (RHINO), Canton CT

Dec. 7, Saturday (WCOC)

* 2020 HVO/WCOC Winter Series

Dec. 21 to Mar. 29

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