HVO/WCOC Winter Series

2020 / 2021

Once again, HVO and WCOC are pleased to host a series of eight bare-bones, time-yourself orienteering races this winter. As with last year, each event offers a Brown, Green and Red course, and participants download the maps from a link posted on HVO’s website. Control flags will be out in the woods for about four weeks and the events overlap some weekends so you can do two in one day/weekend if you want. You run whenever you want while the flags are out. The races are honor system based with no boxes/punches on the controls, just touch the flag (no remote visual punching). No beginner’s courses will be available.

When and Where

In case of major snow falls, revised dates may be considered and posted.

Maps will be available for downloading on HVO’s website the day before the controls are in the woods.

Results and Ranking
Participants time themselves and subsequently upload their results directly to the respective Attackpoint.org event pages. Posting splits and GPS tracks are preferred, but not required.

Each participant in any or all of the Winter Series events assumes full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that he or she incurs while attending or participating in the Winter Series event.  Downloading of any map constitutes agreement to the waiver which is available on the download site.

Tentative Schedule:

        Dates           -    Location           -     Course Designer

#1 Nov 1 - Dec 13 – Harriman State Park – Jordan Laughlin -Completed
#2 Nov 24 - Dec 27 – Blue Mountain – Greg Balter - Completed
#3 Dec 6 - Jan 2 – Ward Pound Ridge South – Geof Connor -Completed
#4 Dec 19 - Jan 17 – Ansonia/Osbornedale – Joe Brautigam -Flags out

#5 Jan 1st - March 1st - Dater Mt., Harriman  South (Sloatsburg) -Flags out
#6 Jan 9 - Feb 7 – Sessions Woods – George & Lyn Walker- Flags Out

#7 Jan 11- Feb 14 - Ratlum Mt. - Charlie DeWeese. - Flags Out
#8 Jan 23 - Feb 21 – Ward Pound Ridge North – David Oxenstierna
#9 Feb 13 - Mar 14 – Case Mountain/Gay City SP – Clinton Morse
#10 March (tentative) – Harriman State Park – Jordan Laughlin


#4 Osbornedale and Ansonia.

Joe has set one short (advanced) course at each park 2.5 and 2.9 km.

Flags are out, set low.

Maps are 1:5,000

There are no numbers on the flags.


Osbornedale State Park, 43 Chatfield St, Derby, CT 06418

41.34404, -73.09998

Ansonia Nature & Recreation Center, 10 Deerfield Rd, Ansonia, CT 06401

41.34404, -73.05353

#5 Dater Mt. Harriman South (Sloatsburg)

Newly updated map by Greg.

Directions: Trailhead at end of Johnstown Rd., Sloatsburg (off 7 Hills Dr.)

3 courses

Red 6.0km

Green 5.0 km

Brown 3.7km

No numbers on controls which are made of a metallic waterproof paper. Controls will stay out about 3 months or when colors fade - whichever is the sooner

#6 Sessions Woods

George and Lynn have set 3 courses

Red: 6.3km.

Green: 4.9km

Brown: 3.5km.

Maps are 1:10000 scale

No numbers on flags

Directions: The start/finish is on the West side of the map, 1 kilometer (0.6 miles) west along E Chippens Hill Rd from Rt 69 at the wide point in the road where the gravel section becomes paved.  The start and finish is at the two boulders on the east side of the road at a wide pull off point.

#7 Ratlum Mt.

Charlie has set one short course (3.1km)

The flags have no numbers.

Scale 1:5,000



The address is 263 Wright Road, Canton CT.  Anybody who might go will has probably been here before. Parking can be in front of the barn if you don't block the doors, or behind the barn.  It would be appreciated if people can send an email (deweesecc@gmail.com) to let Charlie know they are coming, but not necessary.

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