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At an event, you can buy additional maps, but only the map on which the event is taking place. If you want orienteering maps of other locations, these can be purchased through the mail.


Please complete the Order Form and follow instructions therein for submitting your order and payment. Payment must be received before maps can be sent out.

Available Maps:



HVO Maps

Note: Maps marked (COPY) are a photocopy, inkjet, or color laser print.

New Jersey




New York





WOC ’93 Maps

These maps were used for the 1993 World Orienteering Championships in Harriman State Park about 35 miles Northwest of New York City.









Permanent Course Maps

HVO has embarked on a program to establish permanent courses on many of its maps. Currently, maps, control descriptions and information are available for two courses at Moneyhole Mountain in Fahnestock State Park (Putnam County, NY). These two courses were used for the 1986 Mens and Womens World Cup races. Permanent courses are also available at Silvermine in Harriman State Park (Rockland County, NY) and at Holmdel State Park, NJ which is available as a downloadable brochure.

Orienteers can find some or all of the controls at their leisure. Courses are great for training of just taking a hike with friends you would like to introduce to the sport. These maps with the overprinted courses can be ordered just like our other maps.

Note: On the Moneyhole maps, several controls around the Taconic Outdoor Center are out of bounds.  Also, some control markers are missing or overgrown.

Note: The Holmdel State Park map is free to use for your own personal use or for the use of non-profit organizations. If you plan to use it for other activities, please contact HVO for pricing information.  (clicking on the free download link will automatically download the map, just click once.)

HVO Maps
WOC 93 Maps
Permanent Course Maps
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