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James Baird State Park

Sunday, April 25th, 2021

Start Times - Preregistration required

10:00 am - 1:00 pm


James Baird State Park

Event Details - Join us for the first local HVO orienteering event of 2021.  There will be white through red courses (except orange). Given the park size and features, orange runners should try brown or green. 


With the current COVID limitations, we are requiring preregistration and the selection of start windows to limit the size of the event.  There will be no water on the course.  Please come prepared with your own water and snacks.



Orienteering is a fun sport which is something like a race with a treasure map.  During a run or hike in this beautiful park, participants find checkpoints with the help of a map and a compass.  Since you use map-reading and compass skills, it is a race that requires using your head to find your way…cunning running! Find all the checkpoints in numerical order the quickest for the win! Or just enjoy the time in the park.


Register Registration link here.*

Each individual must register.  Fees for groups will be calculated when the 1st group member / group leader registers.

*If you are an OUSA member, you may use this registration link instead.


Course Setter - Dave Webber

Meet Director - Craig Weber - contact: hvotreasurer at

Further details about the event

Course details: tentative

Course  Controls     Length    Climb

White       10           1.9 km   50 m

Yellow      11           2.7 km    90 m

Brown      12           4.0 km   115 m

Green       15           5.0 km   140 m

Red          18           7.1 km   165 m

The white course is a beginner difficulty.  Yellow is advanced beginner.  Brown through red courses are of advanced difficulty.

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Event day logistics and social distancing policies
To avoid crowding, we ask that participants arrive and start your course within specified time windows (you can select start window during preregistration).

Masks must be worn near and around the event center and otherwise worn whenever social-distancing (i.e., 6 feet between people) is not possible to maintain.

What to bring:  water, dressed for the weather and a hike/run

in the woods (sneakers might get muddy), a compass if you have one (we

have some to lend you if you don’t). Bring some picnic food to enjoy after your trip.

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Detailed Cost Schedule

Fees for groups will be calculated when the 1st group member / group leader registers.

Member rates (HVO and reciprocal clubs)
Individual Adult:  $7 
Individual Junior (age 20 and under):  $5 
Group of 2 (regardless of ages):  $10 
each additional person (regardless of ages): $2

Non-Member rates

Individual Adult/Junior:  $15/$10

Group of 2 (regardless of ages):  $20 

each additional person (regardless of ages): $2

Electronic punching:

All individuals and groups must use an electronic punch (“E-punch”) card on their course. 

  • E-punch Rental: FREE, but we still require a cash deposit or collateral (typically car key, driver license, credit card). One deposit can cover multiple rentals.  $40 for lost or damaged card.

  • Compass Rental:  FREE, plus deposit. $10 for lost or damaged.

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About the map

The James Baird SP map was originally created in 1986.  The map has been redone and expanded using LIDAR and complete field checking in 2017 with minor updates in 2021.  The map scale is 1:7500 with 5m contours. Map adheres to ISOM 2017 standards.

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How to get there

Take the Taconic State Parkway to the James Baird exit.  Proceed about a quarter mile to the 4-way stop.  Continue straight down the hill to the large parking area.  There is an alternative entrance from Freedom Rd (County Road 47) for buses or trucks.  Proceed through the park (about 1.3 miles) to the 4-way stop.  Turn right down the hill to the large parking area.

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Map notes
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