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Prospect Park Memorial 

Sunday, June 4, 2023

Start Times

11:00 am - 2 pm

Control Pick-up

3:30 pm


Prospect Park, Carousel, Brooklyn, NY

WELCOME to Prospect Park, to HVO local meet in memory of orienteer Mark Bekker!

Location: Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York, at Carousels:

To avoid hassle with parking your car, take Q subway to Prospect Park station, which is only 5 minutes walking distance from the start/finish.

The subway ride takes only 6 minutes from the Atlantic terminal of LIRR and less than 30 minutes from Times Square.



Please pre-register. Otherwise the options for courses to choose from might be limited for you.



Standard HVO fee schedule applies.

HVO Member / Non-Member

Individual Adult $7 / $15

Individual Junior (under 21) $5 / $10

Family Maximum $20 / $30

Group (2 people) $10 / $20


Course setter notes

Prospect park is a beautiful urban park in the heart of Brooklyn, of more than 2 square km of area. The area is very complex and difficult from an orienteering point of view - with many winding paths, trails and roads with  bridges and underpasses, which runs over terminal moraine type of terrain overgrown with typical Long Island vegetation. Also there are numerous fences in the park. Fences are mainly of two kinds: a) 4-5 feet tall light difficult to pass wire fences, which are often poorly noticeable. Though on the map they are shown by the symbol “crossable fence”, we advise to run them around. An example of such a fence will be presented at the start area. b) solid 6+ feet tall fences shown on the map by symbol “uncrossable fence."

The park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux, who also helped design Central Park. Participants may enjoy a carousel ride and visit Brooklyn Zoo. Both located within close proximity to the start/finish area.

ATTENTION !!!  Courses pass the park’s main inner circle with heavy bicycle traffic. Be extra careful when crossing it. Also some courses may cross horse trails. If you see horse riders, do not approach them closer than 20 meters.

Maps’ scale – 1:6,000 for all courses.

Minor updates of the map were made in May 2023.

All courses are preprinted. Clue sheets are printed on the map and also - if requested - may be given separately. 



WHITE (very easy) 7 controls 1.5 km 15 m

YELLOW (easy) 8 controls 2.3 km 25 m

ORANGE/BROWN (intermediate) 9 controls 4.6 km 90 m

GREEN (difficult) 11 controls 5.2 km 105 m

RED/BLUE* (very difficult) 20 controls  9.8 km 195 m

* In order to complete a Red/Blue course the participant must complete a Green course first, finish and start on the Orange course. His/her results will show up both on Green and Red/Blue  courses (but not on Orange). If the participant starts on Orange course first and then on Green, his/her results will show up both on Orange and Green courses (but not on Red/Blue one).


Event director: Anna Bekker

Course setter: Stefan Slutsky

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