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Saturday November 19th
Mountain Lakes 2022


12 1 2018 JROTC.jpg

Event Location:


Sal J. Prezioso Mountain Lakes Park

210 Hawley Road 
North Salem, NY 10560 United States

After passing Park Office take second road on the left. Then turn left up hill and park on grassy area.

    Event completed

    Results HERE

    Splits    HERE

For some reason splits show Tristan second in Blue and Andis third. As can be seen from the times this should be reversed.

Apologies for slight misplacement of control 156 on Blue/Red/Green. The split times would indicate that it did not make any difference to results.

Regular Club event and JROTC 2022

All courses White-Blue

Standard Foot O

Start times 9.30a.m. - 12.30 p.m.

Standard HVO fee schedule applies.

HVO Member / Non-Member

Individual Adult $7 / $15

Individual Junior (under 21) $5 / $10

Group (2 people) $10 / $20


​For Groups: The fee includes two maps. For each additional person, the cost is an additional $2, regardless of age or membership. They will also receive their own map.

Pre-registration HERE is preferred with payment through Paypal. Note that registration shows fee of $30. This is the maximum. As you register, the appropriate discounts will be applied to bring it down to fees shown above.


Registration on the day accepted if maps available.

Additional information about Courses

Blue:     1:10,000  8.9K, 16 controls

Red:      1:10,000  7.8K, 15 Controls

Green:   1:10,000  6.1K 13 Controls

Brown:  1:7,500    3.8K 10 Controls

Orange: 1:7,500    3.7K 9 Controls

Yellow:  1:5,000    2.3K 9 Controls

White:   1:5,000    1.6K 7 Controls

Directions: Enter Mt Lakes Park from Hawley Rd. North Salem. After passing Park office take second road on the left. Turn left uphill to parking area. Follow signs NE to check-in hut.

Event Director and Registrar - Geof Connor (ghckat at yahoo)

Course Setter - Ksenyia Popova

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