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Starts between 9:30-11:59 am

Salt Marsh Nature Center, Marine Park, Brooklyn NY

Marine Park, Brooklyn NY

Sunday, February 18, 2024

AT SEA LEVEL. An orienteering event on a brand new map!

Come to explore another NYC park.



Course setter: Stefan Slutsky

Beginner courses: 

  • White 1.7 km - 10 controls

  • Yellow/Orange - 4.1 km - 11 controls


Advanced course:


  • Score-O - time limit 90 minutes.  

    • Each control is 1 point.

    • Maximum number of points 45.

    • Penalty for every incomplete minute past time limit - 2 points.


Pre-registration is requested but not required. Pre-registration is OPEN


No charge for participation. Donations appreciated.

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