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Hudson Highlander XXII

Saturday, Oct. 14, 2023

Start Time (Low and High-lander)

8:45 AM SHARP walk to start. 

9:00 AM start


Kanawauke Parking Lot
Harriman State Park

Results are HERE

Event Description

The Hudson Highlander is an ultimate test of navigation and endurance. Metric marathon, in beautiful Harriman State Park is not for the faint of heart. You will battle rugged Harriman terrain, mountain laurel, and blueberry bushes while trying to keep your head cool for navigation, and it will be technical. Following is permitted. 

Instructions for Day of the Event

Please pick up your bibs and SI sticks starting from 8:15 a.m.

See course setter notes in "Courses" section below.


  • Bathroom facilities available.

  • Clothes drop is available at the start.

  • A scrumptious BBQ will be available at the Kanawauke Picnic area.

  • Parking space is abundant.


There is a highlander and lowlander course this year. The length of Highlander - the traditional 26.2 km with King of the Mountain and trail run. There will be three map exchanges for Highlanders with an established time limit at the end of each leg and one map exchange for Lowlanders. The lowlander course is 12.5 km.

Both High and Lowlanders will enjoy the Surebridge area on one of their legs. Thanks to Greg Balter's new cartography the Highlander's third leg uses part of Harriman State Park that has not been used for orienteering before.

Detailed course setter notes (link)

Registration & Fees

Register HERE now
Late Registration begins Friday 10/6 @ 6am EDT
Registration closes Tuesday 10/10 @ 6am EDT

To see who else has registered, look HERE.

Highlander -- $50/$60 late
Lowlander -- $35/$45 late

Juniors (under 21) -- $35 (highlander); $20 (lowlander)

Discount for Highlander 2021 official finisher -- $5 off 


ED: Ching-Hua Chen (huaclimbs at gmail dot com)

Course Setters: Stefan Slutsky

Registrar: Craig Weber

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