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Fort Lee Memorial

Saturday, January 1, 2022

Pre-registration is required

by Dec. 31, 2021

Time: Maps available for pick up starting 1130am. Mass start at 12pm.

Location: Fort Lee Historic Park, NJ

Happy New Orienteering Year for everyone attending this fun event!

The event is dedicated to memory of Ed Hicks, an orienteering activist, who passed away one year ago, on January 1, 2021. 25 years prior to this, also on January 1 (1996), the author of the current map and course setter for this event (Stefan Slutsky) was introduced to Ed Hicks at this very location at Fort Lee Historic Park.

The format of this event repeats the one held on January 1, 1996. Credit for the event's format goes to John Nash, the former long-time president of Hudson Valley Orienteering Club.

  • Before the mass start (at noon), maps will be available for pick up between 1130 am and noon.

  • Three minutes before the mass start, every participant will be given a paper punch card (i.e., no-e-punches) with around 30 boxes. In every box, there will be a control's code and a SINGLE LETTER. Some letters may be repeated in other boxes/controls. The control’s code will correspond to the one on the map/terrain.

  • In order to carry the card safely without losing it on the course, there will be a string attached to it using which participants may secure the card to their wrist. Participant must write their name on the card.

  • Upon finding the controls, participants punch THE APPROPRIATE boxes in their cards.

  • Then, USING THE LETTERS which CORRESPOND to the FOUND CONTROLS, participants HAVE TO CREATE AN ENGLISH WORD and WRITE IT ON THE CARD. Same letter may be used twice ONLY if two different controls with this letter were found.

  • The moment of the finish is when the participant SURRENDER his/her punch card WITH CONSTRUCTED WORD.

  • Time limit to finish - 45 minutes.


    • if several words would be constructed, only the longest one might be assessed.

    • if the card will be surrendered AFTER the time limit, for every incomplete minute one point (letter) will be subtracted.

    • if the surrendered word contains misspelling, five points (letters) will be subtracted.

    • if there is a tie in the length of the word, the finish time would also be taken into consideration.


Standard HVO fee schedule applies.

HVO Member / Non-Member

Individual Adult $7 / $15

Individual Junior (under 21) $5 / $10

Family Maximum $20 / $30

Group (2 people) $10 / $20


For Groups: The fee includes two maps. For each additional person, the cost is an additional $2, regardless of age or membership. They will also receive their own map.

Additional information about the current map


  • Drawn in ISSprOM 2019 symbols (Sprint Map Symbols).

  • Scale 1:3,000.

  • Contours - 2.5 meters.

  • Printed on letter-sized paper.

  • New basemap (LIDAR based) had been used. Thorough field-checking was done in September 2021 (around 30 hours on the terrain). It might be considered as a completely new map.

Event Director and Registrar - Ching-Hua Chen (huaclimbs at gmail)

Course Setter - Stefan Slutsky

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