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US Team sprint trial

Friday, April 22, 2022, Fort Tryon Park, NY

Starts 12.00- 2 p.m.

Pre-registration is required

There is a (Park imposed) limit of 35 competitors. Team trial runners will have first preference.

Location: Fort Tryon Park, NYC


Take Henry Hudson Parkway northbound to the first exit after George Washington Bridge (Fort Tryon Park & The Cloisters). This exit is only accessible from the northbound lane; if coming from the north, take Henry Hudson Parkway southbound to exit 14 & 15, make a U-turn, and travel north one mile to the exit marked Fort Tryon Park & The Cloisters


The closest parking area (A):


The overflow parking area:


The closest parking area (Parking A) to the start is at 40.86082, -73.93226, 41-1 Margaret Corbin Drive, NY, NY, (both sides of the road). This only holds about 20 cars and it is likely to be 1/3-1/2 full of other cars at 12.00. If you enter Park from Route 9A North (Henry Hudson Parkway) you follow the road as it circles the Cloisters (big building on top of the hill), cross over the road you came in on and then look for the layby on the left.

If this is full, make a U turn and, as you approach the Cloisters, look for parking area on the right at a road junction (40.86446, -73.93101), or circle the Cloisters and take the road on the left below the Cloisters for larger parking area (40.86399, -73.93217).

From the overflow parking area walk south 400 meters along the Margaret Corbin Drive to the closest parking area. (Don not walk along the road named Fort Tryon place on the Google map)

Mass transportation

Take subway A line to 190 Street station, use the elevator to Fort Washington Avenue (do not take the Bennett Ave exit). From there, enter the park via Margaret Corbin Drive, walk 200 meters to the parking lot on your right. That is the closest parking area mentioned above.


There are bathrooms in the building next to Parking A. Masks are required inside all buildings in the Park.

Check-in will be at north end of the parking A (look for car with back open). We are not allowed to charge for events at the Park so please pay with pre-registration.


Go down steps at North end of parking A and the start area is directly in front.

There are no assigned start times but starts will be spaced at 2 minutes for each course. Team triallists will be given priority when they arrive.

Because of restrictions on signing there will just be tapes on the ground at the start.

Blue on left, Red on right.

First tape is 2 minutes Clear stick and get printed control descriptions if needed.

Second tape 1 minute, Check stick (and switch on Air).

Third tape get map and start. There will be a start control.

There is no sign at the finish but it will be manned. Maps will be collected until all triallists have started.

Because tables etc. are not permitted, download will be back at parking A (same car as check in). Finish to start is about 300m (uphill). Please download as soon as possible and discuss your errors at the parking area.

There will be no water or snacks at the event – bring your own. It is worth staying at the Park both to enjoy the spectacular views over the Hudson and also to visit the Cloisters, which is part of the Metropolitan Museum and has some outstanding displays .


Fort Tryon Park is, probably, the most unique park of New York City – with multiple breathtaking views and an elaborate multilevel trail/road system - carved into the ancient rock formation of northern Manhattan. The park's design includes plenty of natural cliffs and man-made walls, many beautiful gardens, including the famous Heather Garden a  public year-round-open botanical garden. The park is also the home of The Cloisters, a museum specializing in European medieval art and architecture, governed by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


This will be the first official orienteering event held at this venue.



This is a new map by Stefan Slutsky- field checked Spring 2021 with minor updates during Winter 2022

Scale - 1:4,000, contours - 2.5 meters.

Map symbols – ISSprOM 2019.

Paper size – U.S. letter.



​​Starts: 12.00-2 p.m.


Start interval each course – 2 minutes.

Time limit - 60 minute


BLUE - 2.6 km, 20 controls, 155 m

RED – 2.3 km, 15 controls, 135 m


Though almost 90% of course may be run on paved paths, running shoes with rubber spikes are recommended as unpaved slopes are steep and slippery.



The venue is open to the public during the event therefore please pay extra attention when

- running along crowded paths,

- on lawns with playing children,

- when crossing roads (mapped as areas with 50% brown). The car/bus traffic on Friday, at this time of the day, expected to be moderate to light.

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