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Event Location:


Eagle Rock Reservation, West Orange, NJ

Eagle Rock

Event Information
Green Course and Yellow Course maps will be available to print. Control locations are marked with streamers.  Special training - Memory-O - course will be available.

Memory-O involves memorizing! the route from one control to the next; no map is available. At the start and at each control there will be a snippet of a map showing next control. Course is roughly orange level. Will your memory fail you?

Parking may get crowded after 12pm, so please arrive early.

Maps will be available for downloading on HVO’s website the day before the controls are in the woods.

Limited quantity of maps is also available by contacting Nadya Popova.


Results and Ranking
Participants time themselves and subsequently upload their results directly to the respective event pages. Posting splits and GPS tracks are preferred, but not required.

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