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Eagle Rock Reservation

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Start Times

11:00 am - 2 pm

Control Pick-up

3:30 pm


Eagle Rock Reservation by picnic area

Eagle Rock Reservation welcomes all newcomers to orienteering and experienced orienteers for a fun day in the park. Come enjoy this beautiful forest and after your course check out the 9/11 Memorial and enjoy the glorious view of the NYC skyline.


Park here and walk over to the picnic area for registration.



Please pre-register. Otherwise the options for courses to choose from might be limited for you.



Standard HVO fee schedule applies.

HVO Member / Non-Member

Individual Adult $7 / $15

Individual Junior (under 21) $5 / $10

Family Maximum $20 / $30

Group (2 people) $10 / $20


Course setter notes

Although not a large forested area, Eagle Rock Reservation has some nice woods to run fast in and an extensive trail network to challenge your compass skills. Cliffs overlooking the NYC skyline should be avoided except to enjoy the view. There are some minor areas of thorny bushes but they are mostly crossable. The park is surrounded by roads on all sides so getting lost would be extremely difficult. 



WHITE (very easy) 

YELLOW (easy) 

ORANGE (easy/intermediate)

BROWN (intermediate) 

GREEN (difficult) 

RED (very difficult) 


Event director: Kseniya Popova 

Course setter: Nadezhda Popova

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