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Westmoreland Sanctuary RAID the SANCTUARY, Sunday, May 28th.

Westmoreland Sanctuary and HVO are again joining together for their annual Raid the Sanctuary.

This event is a challenging adventure run that incorporates different types of orienteering and other elements.

Viking Course: 11.0km, 34 controls, 4 legs/maps; standard O, Corridor O, Line O, and Score O,

Visigoth Course: 6.5km, 21 controls, 3 maps Standard/Corridor and Score O, and

Gnomes (Old Elves): course, 4.0 km/14 controls, 2 maps, Standard/Score O.

- Pre-registration required.

Vikings/Visigoth mass start at 9.30 a.m.

Gnomes starts 9.30-12.00.

If you have never been orienteering competitively before, we encourage you to participate with a friend who has and run the Gnomes, or run the beginner/intermediate courses (see below)

Course Fees

For members of Westmoreland, HVO and local orienteering clubs:

Viking Course: $20 Visigoth: $15 Gnome: $12.

Non-Members: $30 Visigoth: $25 Gnome: $20


Groups add $5 (member) or $7 (non-member) per person (max 2 in a group for Vikings and Visigoths, 3 for gnomes)

Register here

There will also be beginner’s courses starting at 10.00-1.00 (White, Yellow) and an intermediate course (Orange). These will be standard orienteering courses. Pre-registration preferred.

Orange: 2.9km/12 controls

Yellow: 2.0km/11

White: 2.3km/10

Beginners’ instruction will be available.

Fees for these courses:  $7 for members (+ members of adjacent clubs), $15 for nonmembers,

Student $5 per member ($10 non-member).

For group pricing see Westmoreland web site here

Course Setter: Geof

Course Vetter: Ksenyia


Event directors: Geof Connor (HVO)/Ann Paul (Westmoreland)






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