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Results for map 1, Gnomes, Yellow and White are  here

Overall results for Viking and Visigoth are Here
Splits for all courses are here.

For more information about Westmoreland Sanctuary and pre-registration for Viking/Visigoth/Gnomes click HERE

Westmoreland Sanctuary RAID the SANCTUARY, Saturday June 25th.

Westmoreland Sanctuary and HVO are again joining together for their annual Raid the Sanctuary.

Viking Course (14+km length, three legs),

Visigoth Course (8+km length, three legs) and

Gnomes (Old Elves) course (3.5+km length, two legs)- Pre-registration required. Vikings/Visigoth mass start at 9.30 a.m.

Gnomes starts 9.30-12.00.

This event is a challenging adventure run that incorporates different types of orienteering and other elements. Note that there will be no water on the course so carry your own.


- If you have never been orienteering competitively before, we encourage you to participate with a friend who has and run the Gnomes, or run the beginner/intermediate courses (see below)

Course Fees

For members of Westmoreland, HVO and local orienteering clubs:

Viking Course: $17 Visigoth: $15 Gnome: $12.

Non-Members: $25 Visigoth: $22 Gnome: $20

There will also be beginner’s courses starting at 10.00-1.00 (White, Yellow) and probably an intermediate course (Orange). These will be standard orienteering courses. No pre-registration required. Beginners’ instruction will be available.

Fees for these courses:  $10 for members (+ members of adjacent clubs), $20 for nonmembers, $20/$30 for Group/Family (+$5 for each person above 3)

Student $7 per person + $5 for additional student in group (e.g. Scouts)

Course Setter: Ksenyia


Event directors: Geof Connor (HVO)/Ann Paul (Westmoreland)






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