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Westmoreland Sanctuary

Mt Kisco

JROTC Annual Regional Event
Saturday, November 20th




Last event for 2021!?

Annual local JROTC Championships + open beginner and advanced courses.

at Westmoreland Sanctuary (note change of location).

Starts for JROTC courses 9.00 a.m.

Starts for open courses:  10am - 1pm


Pre-Register on Westmoreland web site HERE

Technically interesting courses:

White/Yellow JROTC championship courses


Open Courses:

Red: 6.5k, 18 controls
Green: 5.5k, 14 controls
Brown: 3.3k, 13 controls
Orange 2.9k, 9 controls
Yellow 2.3k, 9 controls
White: 1.6k, 10 controls


Course Setter Kseniya Popova


Event Director Geof Connor

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