September 2020

Downloading of any training map serves as agreement to the HVO/WCOC training waiver.

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Sal J Prezioso Mountain Lakes Park

201 Hawley Rd

North Salem, NY 10560

41°18'19.2"N 73°34'17.5"W

OK, so it won't be the same, no mass start, no following, no punching - but it is still a Goat.

In the spirit of the Winter and Spring training events WCOC presents the DIY (Do It Yourself) Goat.

Flags will be out in the woods from 28th August until end of September.

In addition to the main Billy Goat we have a Kid Goat and a Brown course.

- DIY Goat course  - 10.7km 400m climb  1:10,000 or 2x overlapping 1:7,500 

- DIY Kid Goat        - 6.0km 220m climb 1:7,500

- Brown course       - 3.4km 105m climb 1:7,500


Skipped Control: You may skip one and only one control (this goes for “The Kid” as well). This can be any control. You may skip the first control, the last control, or any other control. But only one. Choose wisely.


The HVO/WCOC training series are just that - TRAINING.  They are not official HVO or WCOC events and each participant in any or all of the training events and any continuation of them assume full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that he or she incurs while attending or participating in the training series. Downloading of any training maps serves as your agreement to the HVO training waiver, also posted on the download page.  Please also heed any County, State or Federal restrictions on travel or use of the Parks where the training is suggested.

  • HVO or WCOC management will not be on site and participants should choose a course suitable for their skill level and level of fitness.  The “GOAT” courses are an advanced level of difficulty and require a high level of fitness.  The “Brown” course is also an advanced level of difficulty but requires a more moderate level of fitness.

  • Make sure someone knows where you are going and when you are expected to return. A copy of the map left in their car or with a friend will be useful if search and rescue becomes necessary.

  • Cell phone service may be limited or unavailable in portions of the park depending on wireless carrier.

  • Please carry adequate water and an emergency whistle.

  • Please heed any County, State or Federal restrictions on travel or use of the Parks where the training is suggested.

  • While it is unlikely you will meet anyone off trail blazed trails they may be crowded on weekends as are parking areas.


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