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2020 Ward Pound Ridge Reservation

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Start Times =10:00 - 1:00

       Must choose start time window during registration.  They will be in blocks of one hour.  All courses close at 2.30.


Ward Pound Ridge Reservation

(Meadow Parking Lot)

Registration: Online preregistration required:

           Saturday Registration closed

           Sunday Registration closed

Each person must register individually so you may sign the online liability waiver and collect contact information.  Limited to 50 individuals.

Check in: Meadows Parking Lot - SW corner

Courses: Orange - 3.1k

                 Brown - 3.7k

                 Green - 5.6k

                 Red - 7.5k

                 Separate Yellow course (see below for description).



There will be no on-site registration. There will be a flat rate of $5 for each registered runner ($10 for group of two).  Electronic “finger” punch and/or compass deposit is free but an ID or Car Key or similar deposit is required.  A $40 replacement fee will be charged for lost or damaged punch.

Cars entering the Park after 9.00 a.m. (Sat/Sun) will be required to pay the normal Park parking fee of $10 ($5 with Westchester Parks pass).


The Park has limited the number of registered competitors to 50 so register early. Starts will be from 10.00 a.m. to 1 p.m. in blocks of 1 hour. When registering indicate which hour you will be running and we will try to accommodate but we are limited to 25 starters each hour.  Please no groups larger than two immediate household members.


Maps for each runner for each hour will be bagged and placed on the check-in table. Any rental electronic finger sticks or compasses will be pre-bagged with the map.


Everyone must wear masks at all times until you are actually on the course and must keep at least 6’ apart at check in and download area and on walk to start and back from finish. There will be hand sanitizer at check-in and download, please use it before touching any common use items (pens etc.)


Parking/check in/download will be at the Meadow Parking lot (SW corner).


There will be a remote start about 1/3 mile from check-in  ½ way up Fox Hill (FH) trail (50m off the trail). The way to the start will be ribboned from the check-in.  Finish is close to Trailside Museum. After finishing, runners must put on mask before returning to Meadow parking and downloading.


When downloading keep at least 6 ft from operator. There will be no results screen to avoid congregating but live results will be available on this website's results page.

There will be no beginner instruction groups.


There will be a beginners’ Yellow course (some orienteering experience recommended) with control flags only and with separate start/finish (Close to Meadow parking lot) – this will not be part of the official event but maps can be downloaded from Here at no charge.  Yellow course flags will stay out until Sunday p.m.


The controls and E-boxes will stay out in the woods through Sunday 6th. Any competitors who want to run at any time on Sunday can do so. However, Sunday runners still need to pre-register and pay $3, if they want results recorded. The map will be then emailed to them. There will be no check in and no E-punch rental for Sunday runners. There will be a self download box available.  The E-boxes will be collected after Sunday and results added to Saturday list and published on HVO website.


Control flags only will stay out in the woods until December 20th as part of the winter series.

All runners should follow the Orienteering USA guidelines for events during the COVID epidemic:   Orienteering USA guidelines

There will be no water supplied on course or at finish/download area and no snacks will be provided.

Two Park porta potties are available at the Meadow parking area and also close to the finish.

Directions: Enter the Park from Rt 128 south (Cross River), (4 miles east on Rt 35 from exit 6 on IS 684, turn right on 121, entrance is on left), after passing entrance booth continue past Michigan Road (on right) and turn left into Meadows parking lot.  Park toward the SW corner.


Event Director

Geof Connor

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