HVO Spring Training


Orienteering in NYC at Alley Pond, NYC

Ed Hicks (Orienteering Unlimited)) has been working with the NYC Parks Department to create an Orienteering Map and a Permanent course for a section of Alley Pond in Queens NY.  He has selected 55 control points  in the Park. Due to the COVID -19 virus the markers have not yet been installed or vetted but you can verify you visited the control(s) by using Livelox (Phone App).

As none of the control sites have yet been vetted, feedback would be welcome.

Maps of the Park, courses, control descriptions and details about LIVELOX can be downloaded from Ed's web site,


There are three beginner courses (Yellow/Whits/Orange) and a design yourself advanced course using a subset of any of the 55  controls. All courses have been set up on LIVELOX.

Additional details about the maps, courses and using Livelox are also outlined on Ed's website.

Route Gadget for all Winter/Spring Series is at 


Given the virus pandemic that is with us at the moment HVO will not be holding any organized meets this Spring. There will, however, be controls out for individual training as we did for Winter Series.


Maps will be available for downloading on HVO’s website the day before the controls are in the woods.


This Spring training series is just that - training. They are not official HVO  events and each participant in any or all of the training events and any continuation of them assume full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that he or she incurs while attending or participating in the Spring Series training. Please also heed any County, State or Federal restrictions on travel or use of the Parks where the training is suggested.


Maps are posted for Harriman (Silvermine) and will stay out until the end of May.


Flags are out in the woods at Harriman State Park (CT). Maps and directions are posted.

Flags will be put out at Ward Pound Ridge in the next few weeks. These will be copies of the 2016 US Championship courses.

Take care in the woods and stay healthy. While it is unlikely you will meet anyone off trail some blazed trail may be crowded at weekends as are parking areas.

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